Autism Community of Africa 
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Who we are

Who We Are

The Autism Community of Africa(ACA) was founded in 2007 by Mrs. Brigitte M. Kobenan, the mother of a child with Autism. As she shared her experience with friends and families in the United States and in Africa, she realized that she was not alone. Many families had at least one child with Autism. However among some African families, parents felt ashamed or afraid to disclose their child's condition for fear of being judged or rejected.

In Africa, the lack of awareness and resources prevent most children with Autism to have the necessary tools and treatment to monitor and/or improve their condition. Thus many times, they become a burden for families and communities.

Today, much is needed to help African children with Autism and educate families, health care workers, professionals, and communities about the condition. ACA is dedicated to helping those living with Autism in Africa and their families, as well as increasing public awareness
and providing resources.  The Autism Community of Africa is in its early stages so we welcome your support and comments on how we can improve. Very importantly, we need your gifts and financial donations.  The children with Autism in Africa and their families are forever grateful for your kindness

Please help us help them!




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